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small things, cute things--mushroom

It was a Saturday morning after the last torrential rain and I was walking in this wonderful newly planted forest at the foothills of Chammundi Hills, Mysore. Nature in India is stunning as usual, huge trees and vibrant and colourful flowers. "Ishvara manifest itself so marvelously," I taught while looking at nature surrounding me. All what I was seeing was put together by the same intellinence, Ishvara, God or name as you wish, but what could best represent its meticulous work?
Mushrooms, these small and silent creature, not vegetables nor fruits, these humble beings do not need the sun to live, they rather beg for waste from trees and other forest beings. Mushrooms live in symbiosis with trees. They digest the organic material found in the ground, transforming waste into resource to give back as nutrients to the same [trees]. The functioning of the mushroom is very similar to the one of neurons on a human brain as they allow the communication and sharing of information bet…

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