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last day at Atmavikasa but first day of self practice

Last blog and it is with pleasure that I dedicated it to Acharya Venkatesh who has patiently followed each of us with dedication in these last six weeks.
I learned a lot from him. Some few asana like Angustasana and Shirapadasana but my praises do not go only for these. I believe that yoga goes beyond physical practice so one asana more or less is not a great difference. What I really learned is that I am a beginner. The mighty Arjuna fell into despair once facing the battlefield, for finding back his courage and determination only thanks to the direction of lord Krisha, similarly in stepping out my ‘ashtanga-bubble’ I felt powerless, weak and crocked. Venkatesh took away these clouds and made me understand that many times in my rushing from an asana to another as I was simply hiding my laziness, weakness or simple imprecisions. After years of dedicated practice I lost discipline until having an irregular and shivering two-times a week practice for a couple of months. Along with it wa…

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